We inspect, analyse and report on failures and damage. Our goal is to uncover the cause of the issue, assess the structural significance of the damage, and recommend the most cost-effective rectification if required. We can help you with any structural issue you may have.

Forensic Engineering (failure investigation) is the area in which we provide specialty services that focus mainly on structural cracking from subsidence/settlement using accurate digital level measuring equipment. We also inspect and report on;


  • Cracks to walls and ceilings
  • Slab/concrete cracks
  • Cracks and gaps through brickwork, plasterboard, cornices, etc.

Subsidence / Settlement / Consolidation

  • Uneven floors and slabs
  • Gaps appearing around doors, windows and trim
  • Sticking doors
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Broken stormwater pipes
  • Underpinning design

Storm, Fire, Flood & Impact Damage Assessments

  • Assessment of structural integrity of the structure after major events
  • Rectification design
  • “Make Safe” reports and designs
  • Insurance Claim reports
  • 24 Hour emergency investigations

Retaining Walls

  • Leaning/rotated walls
  • Water ingress issues
  • Cracked or spalled concrete & masonry
  • Rot to timber walls


  • Cracks in the base, walls or coping
  • Erosion/scour surrounding the pool
  • Lips/edges formed between the pool and paving/surrounds

Everything Else!

  • Corrosion to steel beams, columns, reinforcement
  • Concrete cancer (spalling)
  • Timber rot, weathering and termite damage
  • Excessive bounce/sag to floors
  • Load bearing wall investigation
  • “As Constructed” certifications on pre-built structures
  • Floor level survey using NivComp digital measuring system
  • Pre-purchase dwelling inspections
  • Building and pest report review
  • QBCC / QCAT disputes
  • Litigious / Court matters
  • Heritage listed structure investigations
  • Anything else that is doing something you don’t think it should be doing  

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